Acronyms in research papers

Will you use the abbreviation at least three times in the paper.

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Emoticons are sometimes acceptable, but if others do not know what they mean, they become useless. You are not obligated to abbreviate the name of a group author, but you can if the abbreviation would help avoid cumbersome repetition and will appear more than three times in the paper.

The other is the Principle of Naming Mattielloaccording to which scientists often encounter or create new objects or concepts and are compelled to name them.

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It is on this level that the English language has primarily been accused of being in a state of decline, specifically by the incorporation of "slang" into mainstream language.

Since chat slang is considered informal, acronyms and abbreviations should not be used for school assignments or in formal correspondence. Business Websites - Online chat slang is best left for blogs and personal websites. Therefore, it is best to write out important phrases in case the other person does not know what your acronyms or abbreviations mean.

When the spelled-out version first appears in the narrative of the sentence, put the abbreviation in parentheses after it: If you are offended by some words typed by another student, please explain how you feel to that student. Summary To summarize, chat slang can be a great time-saver when used correctly.

Essay/Term paper: Acronyms, idioms, and slang- the evolution of the english lan

This piece, while cleverly phrased, has a wordiness to it that would rarely be found in the average present-day essay. Web Forums - Save time when posting messages in online discussion forums. If your reference has a group author, the name of the group can sometimes be abbreviated—for example, American Psychological Association can be abbreviated to APA.

Just make sure to think about who your audience is before incorporating any acronyms or abbreviations. In general, it is not necessary to use abbreviations in the abstract because the abstract is so short.

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If an abbreviation has multiple pronunciations, use the first one shown in the dictionary entry. The first time you use an abbreviation in the text, present both the spelled-out version and the short form.

To make an abbreviation plural, add an —s or —es, for abbreviations ending in s already. These functions and effects are chiefly evident in Internet versions of scientific journals, as corroborated by a comparison between paper versions of Nature JanuaryJanuary and the articles of Nature published online in January Writing out the full term in the title will ensure potential readers know exactly what you mean, and if your article is formally published, it will ensure it is accurately indexed.

Acronyms, idioms, and slang are constantly in the making, providing new, quicker ways for people to convey ideas and exchange information. Acronyms, abbreviations, and other slang terms can help you save time and space when communicating with others.

This is important because acronyms can have multiple meanings.


The focal issue of the paper is the translation of humorous creative adaptations of abbreviations and acronyms, i.e. their alternative interpreatations, which appear in the informal variety of language to introduce humour.

Put research papers on autism free your research papers, technical documents, quizzes and high school senior research papers class notes on acronyms in research papers the web personality research papers with new MathPage technology in MathType. As such be careful. Essay Acronyms, Idioms and Slang: the Evolution of the English Language.

Although the English language is only years old, it has evolved at an incredible rate: so much so, that, at first glance, the average person in America today would find most Shakespearean literature confusing without the aid of an Old-English dictionary or Cliff's Notes.

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School Assignments - Papers and other assignments should not contain any chat slang. Research Papers - Using slang terms may detract from the credibility of your paper.

Job-related E-mails - It is typically considered unprofessional to use chat slang at work.

Journal Title Abbreviations

6 meanings of RESEARCH acronym and RESEARCH abbreviation. Get the definition of RESEARCH by All Acronyms dictionary. Top Definition: Rapamycin-Eluting Stent Evaluated at Rotterdam Cardiology Hospital.

Acronyms in research papers
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