Eprovenance the wine market

Ciacci Piccolomini places the code on the back label of its bottles. On the other, a perfectly honest wine might be corrupted during the course of its existence, subjected to conditions not befitting its proper evolution.

Profits from making and selling wine are now less important than maintaining and advancing the capital value of the chateau itself.

Selling wine at a lower but very profitable market price is old news. While a long sea voyage or a flight at 35,ft 11,m might seem like the most treacherous of adventures for such fragile-and often expensive-cargo, it is more often the head and tail of a journey where things go wrong.

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In the case of each pair of wines, the discount was at least 8 percent. August in Cannes saw telephone and absentee bids rife again.

Schneider says that, in addition to the wines that may attract her readers, she is looking for stories that will interest them as well. The accompanying photographs show the development process from the old Summer beer bottle to the modern Summer Draft bottle. If you don't buy a whole container, you wait even longer because they want to fill the container.

One anti-counterfeiting system also guards against shipping and storage damage. In the New Year, Liquid Assets will address some of the issues and options in wine storage. Piero Antinori first came to California inwhen Robert Mondavi was just starting out with his new winery. Tinus Els Els is a South African native who has worked 18 years in winemaking and winery management.

Wines with high contents of post fermentation sugar become susceptible for microbial spoilage, potentially ruining it, he says.

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A secondary market is inevitable, and as wine is bought, kept, and resold, the chain grows ever longer and the links more numerous. Patsy McGaughy, Communications Director The first step is to raise awareness, which has already ballooned over the past few years.

Boisset first entered the California market as an importer and producer in In this mode it will not be display within full screen, and easy to access and control. No one had a controlling interest, everything had to be mutually agreed. The winery and its famous cave system are a fascinating story.

The wines were destined for the United States. To combat fraud, most auction houses rely on physical inspection, verifiable provenance and past collector history, giving the greatest attention to high-ticket wines. With only seven sales in July and August, averaging 89 percent of lots sold weighted according to sale totalthere followed 17 in September alone, at an impressive 98 weighted average percentage points.

I have knows some family wine businesses that even go out of their way to work with family-owned distributors and so forth. Interested parties can also retrieve this information by contacting CertiLogo by phone or text message. As a result, when you compound winemakers having 1 or 2 troublesome fermentations, we get awfully good at troubleshooting.

The market, then, recognizes the importance of provenance and attempts to assign a value to indicators of good or bad condition.


The Kodak technology is based on a proprietary chemical blend that can be mixed into ink or paper pulp and applied to a wine label or capsule. The value of provenance has long been recognized; in a issue of Wine Spectator, Peter Meltzer wrote, "The manner in which a wine has been stored is an important factor in determining the price it will fetch at auction.

关于我们. A Franco-American company, eProvenance offers advanced, patented technology to monitor and analyze the temperature, humidity and geolocation of wine, art and other fine and perishable goods during transit and storage.

Companies like eProvenance, provide a service to shippers and wine producers, along with valuable research, to monitor quality levels from point of departure to receipt of product. The company has developed a technology to monitor and analyze the conditions during shipment and storage of wine, with a particular focus on temperature.

Boston, Massachusetts – December 3, – eProvenance, a Franco-American company providing advanced technology to monitor fine wines as they travel from wine producer to customer, has teamed up with Spectrum Wine Auctions to assure the provenance of 31 cases of top Bordeaux wine.

The wine industry is similar to the movie and music platforms in the sense that they are unrestricted to the end user, which means that demand drives this market. I think this could be generalized to encompass the wine market, which implies that Vogt should consider targeting the consumer.

Although Napa Valley was the first wine region in the world to achieve Geographic Indication status from the Chinese government last fall, the designation does not provide counterfeit protection for individual wine. Market area Wine is an alcoholic drink which is consumed on the whole Romanian territory.

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A specific area or geographical territory cannot be marked out as am region where there are absolutely no consumers or relatively no consumers.

Eprovenance the wine market
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