Kulula marketing strategies

Strategies of Low Cost Airlines

The growth of tourism in South Africa presents an opportunity for the travel industry to expand in order to capitalise on the huge travel market. The advertising agency looked after every single thing for the new airline, from cracking the look and feel of the website to churning out all the brochures.

Cultivate your community Community is a powerful and effective platform on which to engage customers and create loyalty towards the brand. Flights are sold on a first come, first serve basis and therefore the cost of each flight rises depending on the demand for seats. Long-term focus Short-term gain often equals long-term pain.

Marketing magic

Brand communication is merely a way to articulate and reinforce the strategy. As a business, we have to build momentum and get our balance sheet right, while the State keeps on ploughing money into Mango and SAA.

Kulula was applied that technology in that time is the most secure. Time and again, successful business owners highlight the need to keep costs at a minimum — especially for a new venture.

When customers booking of Kulula synonymous with the customers want the fly of the airplane of Kulula not any other airline.

Both the corporate and leisure markets are keen on getting the best deal. One of the main projects over the last 24 months has been to cultivate cultural awareness of what makes us stronger or weaker.

Staffs are used between the two brands, British Airways and Kulula. This forms part of a huge plan to deliberately identify and communicate the corporate culture, and has led our people to accept things they have begrudged in the past. We have always had to battle against extreme odds to compete with SAA and that fighting spirit has won through, right to the present.

Service- In trying to enhance experience and improve service delivery, Kulula.

Kulula SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

This presents opportunities to Kulula. Our first reservation system was built in six weeks at a cost of Rwhich is just bizarre. Outlook for airlines Kulula flies against a backdrop of global gloom: Our new business ventures are all a product of instilling that culture — that is what drives innovation and spurs people on to look for opportunities.

Aircraft buyers are cancelling or delaying orders.

kulula embarks on new business strategy

Erik Venter and Gidon Novick made history eight years ago when the two Comair employees, with some help from senior management, launched South Africa’s first no-frills airline on a tiny budget. InKulula generated turnover of R1,8 billion through its website.

It’s no wonder that the carrier’s competitors are green with envy. The brandguide table above concludes the Kulula SWOT analysis along with its marketing and brand parameters. Similar analysis has also been done for the competitors of the company belonging to the same category, sector or industry.

Kululas marketing strategies that work. Kulula has been flying South Africans for just over 10 years as the first low-cost,privately owned airline,they have created fun advertisements that are immediately know by all,their strategy is to stay honest and try bring the best value to customers whether they are flying for lesisure or business.

kulula embarks on new business strategy September 2, - Having just turned seven-years-young, kulula today re-launched itself as part of a strategy to broaden the company's brand appeal, online presence and product portfolio.

The 12 Principles of Brand Strategy

Gidon Novick, Comair Limited’s executive manager of marketing, was involved in holidaysanantonio.com’s somewhat unusual communication strategy from day one and maintained a close relationship with the advertising agency, morrisjones&co. Please call our Contact Centre at KULULA () For changes to bookings made with other airlines please call our Contact Centre at KULULA ().

Marketing magic. We have a wonderful team of people who just love to fly. We're not alone .

Kulula marketing strategies
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