Psychokinesis research paper

The next day at lunch, I sat down across the table from this man and asked if he would do it again.

Do not say these words aloud. Any amount of spontaneous bending is significant and evidence of macro PK. Taylor concluded that there is no possible physical mechanism for psychokinesis, and it is in complete contradiction to established science.


The first approach sets the risk of inhibiting a phenomenon about which little is known. When stainless flatware is stamped out at the time it is manufactured, dislocations are created along the grain boundaries in the flatware.

I was busy looking around at what people were doing and was trying to analyze what was happening. InCaroline Watt stated "Overall, the majority of academic parapsychologists do not find the evidence compelling in favour of macro-PK".

Results were automatically recorded and analyzed. One interesting version of the Schmidt RNG studies involved the cooperation of Robert Morris and Luther Rudolph at Syracuse University, with the experimental protocol published prior to the beginning of the experiment.

Psychokinesis research paper

Nash conducted an experiment in which bacterial growth was psychokinetically accelerated and retarded according to the intentions of randomly selected college students. Other experiments into spoon bending were also negative and witnesses described his feats as fraudulent.

The actual grains in the stainless steel are not being melted, just the edges of the grains called grain boundaries. National Academy Press,pp. I took the other 11 forks back to the structures laboratory at work and pulled the 11 forks apart mechanically using a tensile testing machine.

When control, high-aim, and low-aim series are pooled, the distribution is what would be expected by chance. InCaroline Watt stated "Overall, the majority of academic parapsychologists do not find the evidence compelling in favour of macro-PK". Subjects are asked to concentrate on shifting the mean of the developing distribution of balls to the right or left, relative to a concurrently developing baseline distribution.

I continue collecting data while giving workshops teaching people how to do both RV and PK. I also provided my grandparents' sterling silverware for bending material.

Some of the worst examples of confirmation bias are in research on parapsychology National Academy Press, He was holding the bottom of the stainless flatware fork handles, one in each hand. The experiment was directed by the physicist Yves Farge with a magician also present. The journal’s editorial staff selects experts in the same field of work who are qualified to judge the scientific merits of the paper – its competence, significance and originality – and who are themselves involved in research and publication and subjected to the same discipline (peers).

Psychokinesis (from Greek ψυχή "mind" and κίνησις "movement"), or telekinesis (from τηλε- "far off" and κίνηση "movement"), is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction.

Psychokinesis experiments have historically been criticized for lack of proper controls and repeatability. The paper also includes 3 light therapy sheets, and 1 photonic acupuncture sheet correlating colors and conditions for proper treatment, 1 color/wavelength/frequency sheet, and 8 types of measurement sheets for scientific experimentation and treatment.

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Psychokinesis. Rhine's Early Studies. J. B. Rhine conducting a PK experiment using dice in a machanical dice tumbler. (Courtesy Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man) Inseveral months prior to publishing his famous paper on Extra-Sensory Perception, Dr. J. B. Rhine received a visit from a young gambler.

The Psychokinetic Ability Research Project

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Psychokinesis Psychokinesis research paper
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